In today’s circumstances, we all are suffering from a pandemic which has caused everyone a loss in the form of losing a job or losing someone who was important for you, worrying about your relationship due to gaining a distance or having conflicts with anyone who has a different perspective about anything and developed various state of mind for dealing with it. Sometimes we all feel a little lost in our life which dims our light and demotivates us in many aspects. We need a person who enables us to walk through those dark days and brings out our best self in order to fight with every hurdle and situation coming in between our goals. Any type of guidance or coaching helps a person to love themselves a little more and work harder on their life without any distraction in their path.

      What is coaching?

Coaching is a procedure that aims to increase your performance and keep you focused on your path without stressing you about the distant future. Coaching helps an individual to learn more about their performance and allow their instincts to take over. It helps in exploring yourself without self-criticism.

Every individual once in their life needs some coaching or guidance to direct them and help them learn more by evaluating their inner potential. A life coach is an ultimate solution for those who are seeking coaching during their low days.

     What is a Life coach?

Life coach refers to a professional who helps people in making progress in their lives whenever they are facing any type of block in between their path. Life coaches help people to learn more about themselves and their inner potential in order to reach their greater fulfilment. They provide aides to the individuals who are lacking behind in their careers or relationships due to any type of negative emotions or beliefs.

We all know during this pandemic, everyone has come across many states of mind which sometimes led them towards criticism, stress, anxiety and overthinking due to any loss. For regaining their confidence and believing again in themselves, a life coach brings out the easiest way for them to realize their best self and to identify the obstacles which are holding them back.

 There are still many questions unsolved regarding life coach as what does a life coach do or what do we need a life coach?

So let us look into all those possible reasons which solve these questions.

 Life coach enables you to keep more focus on positive events in your life and change your past perspective so that you can gain new insights for any negative event happening in your life. Rather than running away from the problems and ignoring it, life coaches help you to face those problems with your stronger self so that you regain your self-confidence.

They help you to build a balance between your work life and personal life so that you don’t jinx up the things between these two separate lives. For any writer or author, who is suffering from any type of creativity block, life coach ensures that their coaching enables your mind to think creatively by removing those barriers which are running behind your mind. For any unemployed youth which is waiting for getting recruited in any job suffers from stress or anxiety needs a life coach to show them the direction for their ideal career.

They tend to provide you with proper support and motivation if you are lacking behind in your life. They help you in evaluating your inner potential and inner passion for fulfilment of your goals.

     How do you choose a life coach?

As we know the needs or benefits of having a life coach, you must be able to select a life coach according to your situation. There are various types of professional coaches who work differently on your circumstances such as –

  1. Career coaching
  2. Addiction and sobriety coaching
  3. Family life coaching
  4. Health and wellness coaching
  5. Business, executive and leadership coaching
  6. Life skills coaching
  7. Financial coaching
  8. Mental health coaching
  9. Diet and fitness coaching
  10. Spirituality coaching
  11. Sports coaching
  12. Dating and relationship coaching

To avoid any kind of chaos while choosing a life coach, you must keep these points in your mind-

  1. Firstly you should decide what type of coaching you need for your problems. Mostly everyone gets confused between coaching, mentorship and therapy but all these three things are different from each other and have their own unique perks.
  2. Get knowledge about their qualification and training. Every life coach is certified with proper training in their respective fields. So you need to determine their qualification and ways of teaching to select your coach according to your interests. Also, you need to check their legality about their certification so that you don’t get fooled by anyone who is claiming to be a life coach with some local knowledge.
  3. Niche matching between coach and coachee is important. Ask them about their coaching techniques and methodologies. You need to ensure their teaching terms and techniques before hiring a life coach. So that every session with your coach is productive and you are able to make visible changes in your life. Both of you need to be on the same page with your niches matching with each other.
  1. Focus on budgeting and their availability. Budget is definitely an important note before starting any type of coaching. You need to select a coach which is within your budget and has a great experience level. Also, the availability of coaches is important so that you can have your sessions accordingly with a good headspace without worrying about the definite business timings.
  2. Demographic matching of a life coach is necessary as if your coach lives thousands of miles away you need to skype them for online training which is more preferable nowadays for following social distancing. We are more comfortable around people of the same age or gender. Sometimes you may feel discomfort working with a coach who is half of your age and you will prefer a person who is wise and has done this for many years having an experience of it.
  • Difference between coaching and counselling

A person gets confused between coaching and counselling very often. But the most important difference between both things is their approaches. Life coaching helps you in focusing on creating a new path in life for the accomplishment of goals by overcoming any obstacle in between whereas counselling focuses on specific problems which are associated with emotional resolutions due to past problems and consider ‘healing’ as the main objective. Let us discuss some different points regarding the same-

  1. Coaching enables you to take actions and counselling helps you to cope up with your past problems. A life coach guides you in such a manner so you can accomplish your desired goals without being stuck at a place whereas the counsellor listens to your past issues and tries to solve them so that you can cope up with them. Coaching is action-oriented and counselling acts as a healing process for past wounds.
  2. A life coach helps in you introspecting yourself so that it increases the thinking capacity and you can realize your potential. A counsellor makes you realize your emotions by supporting and understanding your feelings.
  3. Coaches are trained to assist you towards your goal and move forward accordingly. While a counsellor helps you realize the space where you are stuck in your life due to your past wounds by creating a safe and peaceful surrounding.

In the end, we can conclude that there are many presumptions about coaching and counselling. From the above points so I can clear your mind about a bit more.

In the conclusion of the coaching, you need to stop procrastinating on purpose which might affect your long term goals. For that, a life coach can help you to stay consistent regarding your goals. Getting yourself a goal and working hard towards it will definitely bring some positivity in your life. In addition to it, you won’t overreact on certain things if your mind is stabilized and this can be done by working along with a life coach effectively.

 For finding more about the aspects of a life coach. Kindly visit this website for more information and comment down your views on this.

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