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Be Unstoppable

I’m Fazila and it would be my privilege to support you in discovering the best version of yourself.  Over the past few years, I’ve had the honour of facilitating hundreds of clients in transforming their lives.  Each of their stories and challenges have been unique, as were their healing journeys.


Incredible you Coaching

There are 10 weekly sessions of two hours each to take you on an Incredible Journey to “Unleash Your Potential”

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Career Management

Are you enjoying your current job?   Do you want to be your own boss? If so, we will work with you on this mentorship program to identify your career goals and ambitions

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Woman Empowerment

In this program we take you through a series of sessions to rise above others especially in a male dominated workforce.  It is a mentorship program which will gear you to achieve your desired outcomes. 

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Managing conflict in the workplace

You may be a victim of harassment in the workplace or having difficulty dealing with conflict in your workplace. We will guide you on dealing with difficult situations in the workplace.

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Relationship Building

Are you currently having difficulty in managing your relationship with people you value most.  Through consultation, we will walk you through to enhance your relationships and lead a happier, healthier life

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Management Development

You’ve just landed your dream position as a manager.  You may have been an expert in your previous position.  The adjustment may be quite intense and you may start feeling like quitting because of all the challenges you may be facing.  We will help you embrace the change and manage your team effectively

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Personal Development

Are you feeling like you stuck in the rut and need to do something different, something that you have envisioned yourself to be? You will embark on a journey with us that will lead you to realise your dreams and take you
to greater heights.

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Do you need to increase your knowledge and build skills for future goals.  We will take you through some strategic planning and organization to make the connection.   

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Public Speaking

Would you like to have someone at your event to motivate and inspire your attendees?  Allow me to address your attendees to  move ahead and achieve their desired outcomes.  My motto is “Be Unstoppable”.

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Are you currently experiencing victimization in the workplace? We will guide you to overcome victimization and how you can resolve this without further

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Who are you and where would you like to be?

Your life is about to change if you want to be who you were destined to be as a child.  You had hopes and aspirations of being someone whom you were inspired by.  A long the way, there were external influences which drew you away from your dream, and you still want to be what you wanted then. 

1. Do you need to make some lifestyle changes?

2. Do you feel that you need to advance in your current career?

3. Do you feel that you aspire to develop in a different field of your career and need direction?

4. Do you feel that you are stuck in the rut and need a career change?

5. Do you still have that inner child in you where you feel that you haven’t achieved the outcome you desire?

If you are ready to answer some of these questions and need to rediscover yourself, then you are in the right place. Whatever you aspire to change, our programs are designed specifically with you in mind.  You are unique and your concerns are too. We will partner with you on this exciting journey of transformation.

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