In today’s era, managing everything in an adult’s life is really stressful. Maintaining the balance between work and family can be certainly aggravating. As a woman working the right balance between taking care of your family and your work is precisely challenging. In our society women are expected to keep their family first then their work afterwards themselves. It’s not an easy task to find out the right balance between each of the three. 
Since this topic has been up for debate. Let us discuss some of the tips and tricks for maintaining the right work-life balance.

  • Tips for maintaining the work-life balance
  1. Managing your time –
    Firstly, the only thing a woman should do is manage her time according to her priorities and work calls. The most game-changing advice can be dedicating most of the time to your sorted priorities. A woman can map out her weekly work and schedule it accordingly by distinguishing the right amount of time for her work, family, exercise, and herself. Focus on the most important and least flexible work first then jump on the next. Waking up early can also help you in giving extra time for your day ahead as you can finish your office work before the house wakes up. 

To make time for your hobbies, interests, and passion make a shorter version of all to give a specific amount of time during the week. Also, instead of multitasking and getting tired very easily try to overlap things with each other. Having kids around can be really hectic for a woman during her work calls but you can also engage the kids with some time taking and focusing games so that you can work during their playtime.

  1. Managing your work efficiently-

Whenever you are at work try to get most of it done productively. You need to figure out at first what task should be completed today and then try to find out the right procedure which is less time taking and completes the work effectively so that you can focus on the next task. You don’t need to commit to going with your colleagues at casual events or parties when you are not willing to. Learn to reject the invitations to get yourself more time for doing anything which will energize you again such as exercising, yoga or reading books, etc. Try to leave your office at a time every day so you won’t be doing extra prolonged hours unnecessarily in the office. Instead of this, you can always say that give me any work before the particular time so that you can complete it before leaving the office. Also, always complete your office work at the office so that you don’t need to send another email while rushing home. 

  1. Doing exercise or yoga or anything of interests for yourself-

Taking out time for yourself is very important when you are trying to maintain a balance between your work and your family. Women often forget taking care of themselves while taking care of their parents, in-laws, children and husband. They get indulged so much in giving their whole time to them that they forget about the fact that their mind and body need self-care too. You can do anything happening of your interests such as exercising, yoga or running or even watching TV series while eating ice cream. Free time doesn’t mean the available time for doing other things or running short errands for getting other things done. Try to focus on yourself for a while and take short breaks between your work. It will increase your productivity and capability of doing other things smoothly with your entire mind on it. 

  1. Enjoying vacations and breaks –

Instead of ruining your weekends to get your pending work done, try to do all your work ahead of time during the weekdays so in this way you don’t need to work on weekends. Some jobs can be tiring and you need to get things done before the time for that you need to manage your breaks and complete the work during your idle hours. Go on a vacation and enjoy your holidays with your family but also stay connected to your work to set some boundaries. Ask your boss to contact if any emergency issue arises and it can’t be done through others. But mostly enjoy your holidays with your loved ones without stressing on work so much. If you can’t take many days off try to go for weekends for a staycation or some hours. Travelling on vacations or weekends can be relaxing and it will also enrich your mind with more energy and you will be back at work happier and be more productive. 

  1. Make time for your family-

Making time for your family is extremely important while working. Don’t let your kids or loved ones feel ignored by you or getting sidelined due to your work. Always make a specific time out from your work and focus on their well being. If your work is not negligible at all you can hire a nanny or a babysitter for some help with your kids. Schedule every dinner and lunch with your kids and families to make them feel secure and loved. Flexible work hours and enabled technology can allow you to perform better in your job. You can ask your boss for working from home basis so that you can give maximum time to your family and kids staying at home and also work productively. 

  1. Having a social life and staying stress-free from the busy schedule-

To release your stress and anxiety related to work a woman should enjoy her social life as well. Having a social life is extremely essential for connecting with new people with same interests and blowing some steam off from the hectic start of the week. Look for activities which can be incorporated along with the work. Plan your weekends with your friends and family so that your life doesn’t revolve around your work-life only. 

By summing up, we can see that for women it’s not an easy task to maintain their passions, dreams and relationship in a single thread. Every relationship related to work or family needs to be handled differently from a different perspective. Maintaining the right balance will not jinx things up in both of their lives. It is important to have the support of your loved one while pursuing your dreams in this way you don’t need to worry about their opinions. But in the meanwhile, indulging in self-care is important too. Don’t lose yourself while worrying for others. It’s not selfish to look after yourself and care for yourself.

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