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My name is Fazila and I am ready to take you through a Powerful Journey of Transformation.

My passion for the personal development of my clients can be traced back to 1998 where I spent a significant time working as a trainer, mentor and coach in the Financial Industry.  As a Transformation Coach I specialize in Woman Empowerment and Life transformation.  My goal is to support my clients in transforming themselves to unleash their potential and achieve their desired outcomes.

The best moments in my life has been when people whose lives I have touched come back to me to let me know how I have inspired them in advancing in their careers.  It gives me great pleasure to see them having moved from entry level positions in the financial institution to some top management and specialist positions.  Some have even explored avenues outside the financial industry. 

Fazila Karolia
Fazila Karolia

My mission is to lead you into a new walk in life where you will achieve those desired outcomes that you have so long dreamt of.  I will also help you uncover your hidden potential and let go of negatives codes that have prevented you from achieving your desired outcome.

In addition to being a Woman Empowerment Coach, I am also involved in guiding scholars to identify their career goals on a voluntary basis.

As a pioneer in the training and development field, I have gained unparalleled experience in the management space, public speaking and developing individuals to achieve their career goals

Reasons to employ a coach

Is Life Coaching Worth It? Lack of Vision

If you want to be a true success, you need a vision. A clear vision. If you are not clear about what you want, you will not succeed. Perhaps you are lacking vision or perhaps your vision is so big that you are feeling overwhelmed. Both of these are reasons to hire a life coach.

Is Life Coaching Worth It? Life Transitions

If your life is in a transitional stage, a life coach can help ensure your change is smooth. A huge career change will bring out anxiety, stress, and uncertainty in the best of us. A life coach can be your sounding board. Never use your friends or family. You will burn your ties and your family will quickly get fed up with you treating them like a free therapist.

This could be due to you procrastinating or not knowing how to set your goals.

Everyone has goals. Having a clear goal ahead however is only half of the battle. You may know where you want to be, but you do not know how to get there. Perhaps you are frequently missing targets? Your dreams are simply not becoming a reality. This could be because you lack commitment. Or you do not know how to set about achieving your goals. Both are excellent reasons to hire a life coach.

You Crave Purpose.

Many people crave purpose in life. No matter how successful they are, they want and need more. If you feel that your success is not enough, then a life coach could be for you. In the words of Einstein, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them”. What does this mean? That hiring a life coach is sometimes not just a good idea, but a necessity!

Hiring a life coach will provide you with someone to sound your ideas off. Someone who will listen to you. A person that is professional and who is invested in you and your future. This is another reason you shouldn’t use family and friends for the purpose. They are not as invested in you as a professional coach is, who is being paid by you to bring you through transitions and changes.

Invest in yourself and your future

But, if you are not happy where you are, and confused as to what you need to do to get there, then a professional coach is the best answer for you.

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